The MNCF Virtual Ride is an official cycling event initiated by Malaysia National Cycling Federation (MNCF) to connect virtually with the cycling community in Malaysia. To cope with the pandemic that is occurring around the world, MNCF decided to push the cycling event to the next level.


With the aim of embracing the new norm, MNCF also hopes that with the launch of this virtual cycling events the amateur cyclist from all over the Malaysia will be able to connect with the local cycling community while at the same time getting acknowledgement by MNCF.

Our hope from MNCF is to create an active community of the local amateur cyclist while creating a healthy lifestyle. Do follow us through our Facebook page to get regular updates.  Stay safe, stay sanitised and stay healthy.



MNCF Virtual Ride 2020 is an alternative to MNCF's effort in organizing a cycling event post COVID-19. This event is one of the ways for the federation in accepting the call of challenge to host sporting events in this era of a new normal while adhering to the current standard operating procedure (SOP) provided by the  Malaysian government.

The purpose of this event is also to ensure MNCF adapts with the current rapid pace of technology and to prepare the federation for an industrial revolution 4.0. This will guarantee our sustainability in the long run in case if we do have to face another major global event similar COVID-19 in the future. 

MNCF hopes that with this event, we are able to gather local cycling enthusiasts in a medium where they cycle under MNCF's banner. This medium will serve as a beacon where we wish to gather new talent from the younger generation that can hopefully represent Malaysia one day in the world stage.

We hope that you cycle with care and kindly follow the SOPs enforced by the government so that we can all hope to go back to our normal lives soon!

#staysafe #stayhealthy

Datuk Abu Samah Wahab

President of the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF)